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Protection of your products from counterfeiting.
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Stock holograms

From £42 for 1 000 pcs
Holographic stickers with abstract background, they are not associated with any product. These labels without further customizations are suitable for any type of activity. It is possible to apply personal information (logo, sequential numbering, etc.) by laser engraving or through the use of thermal transfer printer.

Semi-custom holograms

From £55 for 1 000 pcs
This is a fast and less expensive alternative to fully custom security holograms with a higher level of security. These holograms can be overprinted with your Logo, text, or sequential serial numbers, they are overlaid on our stock security holograms.

Fully custom holograms

From £430 for 10 000 pcs
These holograms created specifically for you have the best level of protection against counterfeiting. Your logo, text, other features and all possible protection are included into the design of the hologram.

Holographic lamination and laminating pockets

From £450 for 10 000 pcs
The use of holographic lamination is a common way to protect documents, identity cards, passports etc.
9 years
Huge experience and new technologies allow us do not stop there.
30 levels
We have developed 30 security levels to any areas of activities.
1000 clients
More than 1000 clients use our holograms as a means of protecting their business.
90 000 000
More than 90 millions of holograms are made by our company.
Security Levels
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Sizes. Manufacturing. Delivery.
Our equipment allows manufacturing holograms of any size (within 140x140 mm) or roll-fed foil with holographic image (140 mm wide).
Manufacturing time is from 7 to 30 days depending on the type of holograms and the volume you decide to buy.
Delivery to anywhere in the world.
Questions and answers
01 + The product is stored in a humid environment. Is hologram application possible?
When gluing the hologram, the surface should be room temperature. It should be dry, clean, fat free. After gluing, you need to wait a few hours for the glue to seize properly. Subject to these conditions, the hologram will be kept in a humid environment, in frost, and even in the rain.
02 + What are the delivery options?
Usually, we ship orders by MAIL. Such delivery is already included in the price calculated for you. If you want express courier delivery (such as DHL), this is possible at an additional cost.
03 + How do I know if a hologram will hold well on the surface of our product?

We use strong universal adhesive, through which the hologram holds well on almost all known surfaces: plastic, metal, paper, heat-treated wood, glass, etc. If you have a difficult surface and have doubts, we will send you free samples for tests.

But do not forget to meet the conditions of gluing: at the time of gluing the hologram, the surface should be dry, clean, fat-free and room temperature. After gluing, it is necessary to wait a few hours for the glue to seize properly.

04 + What is the shelf life of holographic stickers?
The shelf life of holograms is almost unlimited. However, if stored improperly, adhesive may lose its properties over time if a hologram was not applied to the product. We provide a 12-month warranty, provided that the holograms are stored at a temperature of 5 to 25 degrees in a dry and dark room.
05 + We need to keep records of products shipped from the warehouse. What can you offer?
We can offer the application of alphanumeric numbering, which can be made in two ways: by laser engraving or by thermal transfer printer.
06 + Packaging design involves a hologram in the shape of a star. Is it possible to make a hologram of non-standard shape?
Yes. A large number of various shapes and sizes of cutting dies are available. If you need an individual form (for example: snowflake, butterfly, etc.) - it is possible to make a die cut stamp on order.
07 + What are the possible color options for holograms?
The holographic image as such has no colors. They change when changing the visual angle. The standard hologram base can be silver, gold or transparent. If desired, we can provide a metallized base in any color solution.
08 + Is there technical control at the factory, and how is it implemented?
Yes. Each operation on the production line is monitored by automated control devices. Before packaging and shipment, each order passes through the technical control department.