Semi-custom/ custom printed holograms

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This is a fast and less expensive alternative to fully custom security holograms with a higher level of security. These holograms can be overprinted with your Logo, text, or sequential serial numbers, they are overlaid on our stock security holograms.


Typical holograms with your custom imprint:

  • Semi-custom holograms
  • Semi-custom holograms
  • Semi-custom holograms
  • Semi-custom holograms
  • Semi-custom holograms
  • Semi-custom holograms

Hologaphic labels with your logo, company name, sequential numbering or other necessary information. The layout is created taking into account your individual wishes.

Such holograms, as well as fully custom ones, are also used for protection against documents counterfeiting (insurance policies, medical certificates, diplomas, IDs, tickets, etc.), consumer goods counterfeiting (food, drugs, household chemicals, auto parts, household equipment, textiles, etc.) and in many other areas.

Custom printed holograms have a sufficiently high level of protection, and may cope with the protection of one-time events. In addition, being a personalized hologram, it will easily perform a marketing function.

Semi-custom holograms may be of any shapes and sizes within 140*140 mm. Standard colors: Silver, Gold, Turquoise, Copper, Transparent. You can get any color at your request, when your order cost will be > 50 000 labels.

A semi-custom hologram can be either destructible or non-destructible according to your desire, the cost remains the same. The self-destruction feature protects the hologram from unauthorized re-sticking and allows using the hologram as a seal.

The time of manufacture of custom printed holograms varies from 8 to 10 days, depending on the manufacturing process. They can be delivered in sheets (frames) or in rolls.

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