Stock holograms

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Manufacturing terms:

Holographic stickers with abstract background, they are not associated with any product. These labels without further customizations are suitable for any type of activity. It is possible to apply personal information (logo, sequential numbering, etc.) by laser engraving or through the use of thermal transfer printer.

For a range of holograms that can be customized, see our custom printed holograms.



  • Holograma original
  • Holograma original
  • The lowest price;
  • Minimum manufacturing terms;
  • The majority of labels are available;
  • Any sizes and shapes;
  • Matrix manufacturing is not required.
  • Wallpaper holograms
  • Wallpaper holograms
  • Holograma original
  • Holograms fall
  • Hologram bubbles
  • Hologram stars
  • Hologram is a Metallized film
  • Hologram is a Metallized film
  • Hologram is a Metallized film
  • Hologram - Broken glass standard gold
  • Hologram - Broken glass standard gold
  • Hologram - Broken glass standard gold


Stock holograms with fixed size

  • Hologram abstraci
  • Hologram standard with a fixed size Hypocrat Gold
  • Hologram standard with a fixed size Hypocrat Copper
  • Wallpaper holograms
  • Wallpaper holograms

Holographic labels with abstract background without any customization.

These labels are ideal for small runs or one-time marketing campaigns, or if urgent holograms manufacturing is needed.

To purchase them, you do not need to develop a layout and pay for the matrix, they are already in stock.

Stock holograms have an average security level against counterfeiting, as they are free for sale, but they are great for image purposes. A stock security hologram can decorate the package of your product. Further, the self-destruction property allows the use of a standard hologram as a seal to protect your items against unauthorized opening or misusing.


Standard colors: Silver, Gold, Turquoise, Copper, Transparent. You can get any color at your request, when your order cost will be > 50 000 labels.

A stock hologram can be either destructible or non-destructible according to your desire, the cost remains the same. The self-destruction feature protects the hologram from unauthorized re-sticking and allows using the hologram as a seal.

The time of manufacture of stock holograms varies from 8 to 10 days, depending on the manufacturing process. They can be delivered in sheets (frames) or in rolls.

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