Holograms to combat counterfeiting

Counterfeit products do not meet the declared characteristics of the manufacturer.

In the fall of 2015, the Union of Consumers and Automotive Manufacturers appeared in Russia. One of the priorities of the Union, its head, Alexander Sergeyev, considers the fight against counterfeit.

To demonstrate the importance of this task, he gave the following simple example. In the manufacture of engine coolants, a bona fide manufacturer uses ethylene glycol, and counterfeit products contain methanol.

Methanol is cheaper than ethylene glycol, so replacing ethylene glycol with methanol, of course, reduces the cost of liquids. At the same time, methanol does not contradict the observance by low-cost liquids of the only parameter that is mandatory for manufacturers because it was only included in the technical regulations of the Customs Union.

This is the temperature at which crystallization begins. According to members of the union, up to 40% of the Russian market is methanol compounds. And in the lower price segment, this share is approaching 80–90%.


The use of methanol in coolants is fraught with the following consequences.

The first is health damage. Methanol is a potent poison, its use is harmful to humans.

The second is the risk of damage to the car. Antifreeze with methanol does not ensure the normal operation of the cooling system and sooner or later put it out of action. Therefore, methanol is not used abroad, it simply does not fit as raw materials, that is, it is an undoubted counterfeit.

In November 2015, the Union purchased 20 samples, the analysis showed the presence of methanol in eight of them (40%!). OOO "Holograms - Security Technologies" has experience in the development, production of personalized holograms with the highest degrees of protection for bona fide manufacturers of car cosmetics and car chemical goods.

The holographic sticker on the packaging, canister, the flask protect it from opening, ensure the “originality” of the product and increase its “value” in the eyes of the Consumer.

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