High-resolution holograms

Some manufacturers of holograms record the image on the master matrix using the “analog method”.

This is a classic and, to some extent, outdated image recording technology, which requires relatively inexpensive optical equipment (laser, optical table, supplies, etc.). The technology is readily available for the mid-range optical lab.

Our company uses only digital technology. Unlike analog, in digital holography, there is the possibility of a given change in the structure of a hologram to obtain additional qualitative and quantitative characteristics.

The image uses various degrees of protection against falsification (nano texts and micro texts from 5 microns, micro-optical elements, hidden images, etc.). Equipment and software are extremely expensive and complex.

This technology provides high resolution of hologram elements and special security elements.


Attention! Our company has introduced a unique technology for the production of holograms with the highest image resolution of 12K, 24K, and 120K DPI.


These holograms are distinguished by a variety of color, visual effects, the ability to apply visible and hidden texts, images and meet the highest world standards for protection against counterfeiting.

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